Memorial Day

Memorial Day should be observed universally

For men and women who died in action.

Wherever they dedicated their lives for others

They must be remembered by us all.

An American veteran once told me:

The people in service, be they soldiers, sailors, marines or whatever,

They all are slaves owned by the government

In the name of purported democracy and freedom.

A Japanese veteran once told me:

“In case we faced death in the battlefield, we were ordered to shout:

‘Long Live the Emperor!’

“But I never heard my fellow fighters shout those words when they died.”

He said their last word was always “Mother.”

For “Mother” was the only word they knew

By which to know

“The unconditional love from above.”

This made me wonder:

Did they all go to war to kill or die

By true faith deep down in their heart

Or they were deceived.

They went to war under the order of their government.

They were convinced they were doing the most honorable thing

To fight for their own country and dedicate their lives if they have to.

But who is the country?

Who in their right mind could ask others to die for them?

For whichever a country the young people fought and died,

My heart is squeezed in pain when I hear of them.

May all wars that are fought now somewhere on the globe be stopped.

War is the gravest crime against us all the people.


7 Responses to Memorial Day

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  2. mopana says:

    Unfortunately, we all are slaves owned by the governments. Or, at least, they think that they control us.
    We are deceived day by day and second by second by these greedy people who lead us.

    You’re right, Ashi, the war deads must be remembered by all of us.

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