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Slow fall of browned leaves

Slow fall of browned leaves Winter wind but kind and gentle Year’s quiet ending

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“Drop in, prices cheap”

“Drop in, prices cheap” Street vendors raising voices Must closeout the year

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Morning sun rises

Morning sun rises On the window down the street Reflection but real

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Cold pile of brown leaves

Cold pile of brown leaves On the sidewalk kids joyful Jumping in and out

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Brown and yellow leaves

Brown and yellow leaves Flying off from trees in turn Softening the park path

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Half-eaten persimmons

Half-eaten persimmons Some left on a leafless tree In the setting sun

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Cold air in the moat

Cold air in the moat The ducks floating and basking In the weak sunlight

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Shadows of sparrows

Shadows of sparrows Passed dancing across the curtain Sunlight spilling in

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Fragrant narcissi

Fragrant narcissi Gregarious tiny flowers Shiver like chatting

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Faster and faster

Faster and faster People tend to walk and drive Soon the year is out

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