Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fragrant memory

Fragrant memory In the darkness of the night Swayed like a lily

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Drift away like clouds

Drift away like clouds In the bright blue summer sky My true words to you

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Thunder scared pigeons

Thunder scared pigeons Into a hydrangea bush Flowers swayed welcome

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Doves coo coocooroo

Doves coo coocooroo Abandoned carrier pigeons Also coo coocooroo

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Chasing grasshoppers

Chasing grasshoppers Park lawn, kids run at top speed Stumbled, mothers laughing

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A lotus flower

A lotus flower On a stalk high in the pond Looks free from the world

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Pigeons sit eyes closed

Pigeons sit eyes closed In the shadow of a tree While cars don’t roar by

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Gleaming gardenia

Gleaming gardenia The moon though a crack of clouds A cool evening walk

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Rain season is over

Rain season is over Trees growing to full measure Birds enjoy likewise

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Weed leaves feel so soft

Weed leaves feel so soft Shining in the summer sun No need of mowing

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