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All the sky for birds

All the sky for birds Whole universe for mankind Wealth yet to be claimed

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Ducks in the park pond

Ducks in the park pond Hit poses when they notice Cellphone cameras

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Hundreds of sparrows

Hundreds of sparrows On a tree to end the day Talking of the world

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Ducks still in the moat

Ducks still in the moat The year will change this midnight They don’t seem to care

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Stopped walking awhile

Stopped walking awhile To see off in the horizon The year’s last sunset  

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Year’s ending people run

Year’s ending people run Few days left to make ends meet Life goes on and on

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Trees wet in sleeting

Trees wet in sleeting Along the path to the shrine The war dead forgotten

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Twigs shiver and whistle

Twigs shiver and whistle The music of winter wind Prelude to snowfall

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Cold spell as forecast

Cold spell as forecast The blue flame of the oil stove Flickers like talking

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This winter’s first snow

This winter’s first snow Forecast but it’s only cold Not a flake in rain

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