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How did it get in?

How did it get in? A mosquito in the car Getting cold outside

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Unfamiliar A bird’s chirping this morning Why flew here alone?

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Roses are blooming

Roses are blooming Other flowers envy them They bloom twice a year

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Tea into the cup

Tea into the cup Reflects the morning sunlight Fragrance in the steam

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How far do they go?

How far do they go? Fallen leaves rolling on the road Winter wind behind

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Leaves rustling above

Leaves rustling above Soon to carpet the sidewalk Will then roll away

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Trees still and quiet

Trees still and quiet Warmth of sunlight faintly felt Soon to be snowing

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Road between buildings

Road between buildings Tempted to drive to the end Where the sun’s setting

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A lone falling leaf

A lone falling leaf A big one rolling away Between running cars

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Piled fallen leaves rustling

Piled fallen leaves rustling Cause of the sound a mystery Till sparrows flew up

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