Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sparrows flying close

Sparrows flying close Found morning glories too weak To perch on so left

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Climbing up the polls

Climbing up the polls Morning glories all morning Flowers now at rest

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Twining the fence rail

Twining the fence rail Tendrils of morning glories Support the beauty

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Flowers or butterflies

Flowers or butterflies Morning glories on the fence All identical

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One gardenia

One gardenia Fresh white all others are gone Draws all attention

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Hurry life is short

Hurry life is short Cicadas began howling Much wait while on earth

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Lawnmower is droning

Lawnmower is droning Summer came to the park lawn With the scent of grass

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Too hot to lie down

Too hot to lie down Park lawn is empty of people Birds too shy away

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To get more sunlight

To get more sunlight Competition among trees Taller and wider

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Quiet and fragrant

Quiet and fragrant Irresistible invitation Gardenia’s smile

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