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Sugar cubes in tea

Sugar cubes in tea Slowly melt into sweetness Bright spring day outside

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Lilacs in full bloom

Lilacs in full bloom On the roadside scent is lost Far from their homeland

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One-yard roadside space

One-yard roadside space The sign says the park for rest A lone bench awaits

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Birds blown by spring winds

Birds blown by spring winds No soil for forests to grow But street trees nestable

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Narrow street no cars

Narrow street no cars Flowers meet over the fences Talking all day long

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Keep accurate time

Keep accurate time Birds at five in the morning Woke all up and gone

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Faint sound of spring rain

Faint sound of spring rain Pleasing and sleep-inducing Into a long dream

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Among the wild weeds

Among the wild weeds Dandelions and daisies Such a strong friendship

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Walk on a spring night

Walk on a spring night Looking for a shooting star Think of what to wish

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Eating today’s meal

Eating today’s meal Nothing else starts without it Sparrows seem to know

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