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Fell asleep awhile

Fell asleep awhile On the bench in the temple woods Sudden sound of the bell

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Cicadas screaming

Cicadas screaming The quiet of the valley Is still as it was

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Dreamed of hummingbirds

Dreamed of hummingbirds I’ve never seen them but saw Hovering around

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Lonely mountain path

Lonely mountain path Definitely bush warblers Close but no bird seen

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Neatly trimmed street trees

Neatly trimmed street trees Less places for birds to hide Less worms to eat, too

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Ice cream and smartphone

Ice cream and smartphone Some people have amazing skills They handle both on bus

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On a crowded bus

On a crowded bus Young man offered me his seat Thanked him but felt sad

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Summer heat shot up

Summer heat shot up Missed a bus by a second Felt end of the world

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Inconspicuous Black carp in the lotus pond Yet so dignified

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Ancient lotuses

Ancient lotuses Out of mud they keep blooming Life everlasting

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