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Storm of cherry petals

Storm of cherry petals Blown away by the spring wind People stroll in pink rain

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Small white narcissi

Small white narcissi Vanished from the sidewalk bed The scent remembered

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Busy shopping street

Busy shopping street No two faces are alike Cherry petals on all

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Mothers stand watching

Mothers stand watching Children immersed in their play Park lawn growing green

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Flowers bewildered

Flowers bewildered Spring sunlight but winter wind Open and shivering

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From many places

From many places Reports of cherries blooming But it’s cold rain here

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The moat is empty

The moat is empty Wintering ducks all flown home Time for cherry petals

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Camellias quiet

Camellias quiet They have the power of smile That words cannot match

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Now that spring is here

Now that spring is here I dream of a summer sky White puffs in the blue

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Fallen leaves from last year

Fallen leaves from last year Blown up by the first spring gale Hitting the windshield

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