Monthly Archives: March 2020

Snow’s gone…

Snow’s gone cold lingers Cherry blossoms in bloom strong Massive petals intact

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It’s not time…

It’s not time for snow Cherry blossoms in full bloom The flakes hit the flakes

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Spring but…

Spring but air feels cold The virus scare is to blame See blossoms in heart

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Metamorphosis That happens to anybody In the ending year

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The same camellia…

The same camellia It looks lonely left alone Lively in a group

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Cold again…

Cold again, teasing Spring stopped around the corner Waiting just waiting

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(Outlook) 2

Office (Outlook) suddenly started working again while I was still talking with the support people. Thank you all who expressed their concern and tried to help me. I’m still worried though as I never know the problem might happen again.

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