Monthly Archives: February 2015

Flowers on the sidewalk

Flowers on the sidewalk Some on the curb some walking Flutter in spring breeze

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Flowers on the fences

Flowers on the fences Narrow streets between houses Spring sunlight shines straight

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Girl dancing alone

Girl dancing alone On the lawn till someone came Shy smile in spring sun

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Sleeting to drizzling

Sleeting to drizzling Unchanged is sparrows’ chirping Outside the window

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Snow atop the mountain

Snow atop the mountain It is soon to disappear For a new beauty

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Residual cold

Residual cold Dandelions too early Firm yellow likable

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Narcissi again

Narcissi again At the same place as last year Always in the cold

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon Quiet felt deep down inside People walking chatting

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Why trees so quiet

Why trees so quiet Even along the shopping street Calm the human heart

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They were large fallen leaves

They were large fallen leaves Trampled to powder on the path Compost for spring grass

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