Monthly Archives: August 2015

Windshield getting blurred

Windshield getting blurred No cooler but defroster Leaves seen shivering

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Walk in the park woods

Walk in the park woods Leaves beginning to pile up Burying memories

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The sound of autumn

The sound of autumn Shivering of bamboo leaves Bell crickets’ soft calls

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Cherished August moon

Cherished August moon Perfect in cool flow of air For gentle sway of leaves

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Too hot to expect

Too hot to expect Sudden drop to shivering cold Nature to obey

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With crickets chirping

With crickets chirping Already reminiscing Summer yesterday

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The park woods humid

The park woods humid The air still cicadas loud Summer lingering

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Artificial stream

Artificial stream In the park water is still Tired of summer heat

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Yellow with brown spots

Yellow with brown spots Flowers looking like bumble bees Swarming all over

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Some sort of crickets

Some sort of crickets Heard in the lingering heat Remind of autumn

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