Old leaves…

Old leaves hanging on

The rainy season continues

Young leaves wait to grow

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Joyful songs in rain

Kids and birds sing together

They obey nature

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So much…

So much in few words

That’s the haiku-style poems

You make use of hem

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Rain makes plants grow well

Blessing from nature for them

We can enjoy, too

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Don’t see…

Don’t see hydrangeas

This year I’m confined at home

But they bloom in heart

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The rainy…

The rainy season’s come

What is given is what is given

Find ways to enjoy

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Kids’ laughter outside

Summer festival float and crowd

Funny man’s piping

(Thank you so much to friends who purchased copies of my books. You never know how pleased I am. My official pen-name is “AshiAkira” (without space) but it is given as “Ashi Akira” (with space) for my second book. This technically makes it there are two different authors. But you went about it rightly. Thank you so much again.)

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