Japan, What Are You Doing?

The government-sponsored bills passed into laws last year

Allowing the country to dispatch its armed troops overseas

To engage in war battles to kill or to be killed

Have just come into force

Protestors again rallied at the park near the government offices

Shouting “Honor the article 9”

They mean the article 9 of the Pacifist Constitution

That bans the use of force for settlement of international disputes

“Protect the constitution,” the protesters shouted

But the constitution that belongs to the people

Has been on the way toward government’s manipulation

To change its interpretation by the legislation of the “security” laws

Doesn’t matter under whose influence it was written

The war-renouncing constitution was a sweet gift to the people

Who suffered the devastation of the war that ended 70 years ago

They were completely tired of the war that they did not want to fight

Under the constitution for the past 70 years

Not a single shot has been fired at people

By the Japanese self-defense forces

Without wars Japan has climbed from the war devastation

To a major economic power of the world

But we also have the “1 percent” most of whom are with evil spirit

Whose greed has no ceiling

Wars are the best opportunities for them to earn

More of what they want

The Pacifist Constitution is thus in their way

But what would happen with the basic law under their control

By an individual or by a group of the 1 percent elements

It will be a dictatorship like the military rule we had experienced

Sooner or later a war or a major conflict is certain to break out

Don’t forget what a war would be like

A mother whose skins are peeling off from burns

In her arm a baby also black from burns and with its head drooping

No extra air in the mother’s lung to utter a word for help

She was not the only one but one of so many in similar agonies

As a fire storm swept through the town

The people trying to escape from the heat were jumping into rivers

Only to drown

Such scenes of the tragedy are not something of the past in a part of the world

Be reminded that such scenes are common in many parts of the world today

And they can be stopped only if the “99 percent” of the world peacefully unite

Against the 1 percent

(March 29, 2016 AshiAkira)


23 Responses to Japan, What Are You Doing?

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  2. Bastet says:

    My heart is pierced … I had hoped, against the weight of the knowledge of history, that at least one country in the world could learn from the terrible experience of war and so ban the practice from their Nation. No Nation could have been more emblematic than Japan … if even Japan’s governors renege on their honour and duty to not participate in war, which has been part of the Japanese Constitution for 70 years … then there is not hope for humanity.

    • AshiAkira says:

      “No Nation could… emblematic and…” Yes, most of have thought so and world peace would originate from us. But unfortunately our leaders are so weak-kneed to foreign powers… It seems Japan is forced to chip in some military power…

  3. mopana says:

    I thought that only in Romania the Government change laws in its own benefit. I know there are everywhere people whose greed has no ceiling, but this has to have an end. I don’t know when and how, but I am sure that the 99 percent will do it someday.
    Your poem is a cry for help, Ashi, and I hope that someone will hear it.

    • AshiAkira says:

      This world can be a paradise. We have enough resources for it. But the idiot 1 percent are all over throwing the resources away for nothing. They want to be above others but they are so stupid they are lowering themselves. Yes, Monica, the 99 percent are becoming too tired to stay quiet anymore. I hope they start doing something about it. We must join them in ways we can so that we may have the paradise on this earth where you and I can dance together to hour hearts’ content. 🙂

      • mopana says:

        Very well said, Ashi. We have a Paradise here but they want it only for them 😦 They want us to be their slaves. Just slaves.

      • AshiAkira says:

        People compete for places in the 1 percent. School education is for the kids to find ways to get as close as possible to the 1 percent. Maybe that’s why you don’t like your high school. I hated, too. Anyone who can’t go near to the 1 percent has to work like a slave under those who are closer. This is the situation world over. Something is wrong here, but the 1 percent is very powerful. There will be no change until the 99 percent realize and become aware of their potential power which is tremendous. 🙂

      • mopana says:

        You’re so right, Ashi, with people who compete for places in the 1 percent.

  4. So sad, Ashi. The arms trade is so massive in the world, but it can’t bear an untapped market. Keep shouting and writing for peace.

  5. Tanja says:

    Such a beautiful, powerful and heartwrenching poem. Human history is the history of one war after another, of horrendous violence and not only towards our own species. But on the other hand it’s also the history of much goodness, compassion and beauty and I hope that the latter three will prevail for ever and ever.

    • AshiAkira says:

      Thank you. When the war ended, I remember our entire population declared “war never more” even in the constitution. But as time has gone by, we had military forces under the guise of “self-defense forces.” Anti-war campaigns are tapering off. The government is skillfully manipulating the constitution so the country can again fight wars. I simply want to find out why it is so. I have the same desire that the three good aspects of our history that you mentioned prevail for ever.

      • Tanja says:

        I’ve regularly read about the change of the constitution in the Asahi Shimbun. And I understand your concern. It’s my concern too – the wars, the nuclear weapons, the inability of people to learn from the tragic past. I think it’s very important for young people who haven’t experienced any war to at least read about it and try to feel, to really try and feel what it would mean to live in a worn-torn place. I only experienced a ten day war, but it was more than enough to turn anyone with at least a little bit of sense into a lifelong pacifist. Into a person who fights peacefully for a peaceful world for all of us.

      • AshiAkira says:

        Do you actually read the Asahi newspaper there? It’s a surprise to me. Anyway, so you are familiar with the sneaky way the government uses to manipulate the constitution which is for the people to regulate the government. This is frightening and cold water runs through the spine because it’s apparently a preparation for armed conflicts. They said throughout the thousands of years of the world history, there have been only 3 days during which no war was fought anywhere on the globe. I wish I had been born in a different world. 🙂

      • Tanja says:

        Only 3 days! That’s incredible. Incredibly sad, I mean. Yes, I too often wish that peaceful people should have our own special world without any weapons and with much poetry, art, music, flowers, joy and love and beautiful nature. Yes, I read the Asahi on my Kindle and am very grateful for this possibility as I’m interested in Japan and the far East in general.

  6. johncoyote says:

    The want of war seem stronger than the need for peace. I have above me. “So sad to fall in battle” and “Flags of our fathers”. Two versions of a battle. Just men forced to fight and die. After WW2. The wars of this world support to end. We got worst. Pray for peace and common sense. One people and one earth. We must get along for the sake of every child.

  7. The more I read your words of wisdom, the more i realize what kind of beautiful person you are.
    I totally agree with your point of view. Even in my country (Italy) most of the people hate war and violence but unfortunately there is always a minority greedy indeed and, for some reason, they often collect votes and “armchairs”…

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