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Fallen leaves soft carpet

Fallen leaves soft carpet All the way through the park path Lined by naked trees

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Fall of large snowflakes

Fall of large snowflakes Shadowed on the window curtain Makes shiver run through

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Walking in sleeting

Walking in sleeting She raised her rain hood and smiled Made spring come closer

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Flowers look lonely

Flowers look lonely In pots at a roadside shop In wintry drizzling  

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Sparrows sound fighting

Sparrows sound fighting Over the crumbs in the sleet Still flew together

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Kids can’t wait for spring

Kids can’t wait for spring Park lawn still cold but running With load of jackets

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Flock of birds above

Flock of birds above Long line of cars on the road Both in a hurry

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Kicking amber leaves

Kicking amber leaves No more left in stock on trees Long winter must end

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No more leaves to fall

No more leaves to fall Buds are waiting for their turn On the twigs to open

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Icy wind in sleet

Icy wind in sleet Staying at home is happiness Chatting over tea

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