Birds singing somewhere.

Coming of the spring is soon.

To let my heart soar. #haiku #poetry

About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of "Haiku Poems" and "Haiku Poems II" ( Old resident of Tokyo.
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  1. I hope you are doing well, AshiAkira! Be safe and keep writing wonderful haikus!

  2. You’ve never missed 2 months! Hope you’re well!

  3. It’s a serious matter, he hasn’t posted anything in three months!

  4. Sending my best wishes, Ashi, and deep gratitude for all of the beauty and wisdom you have shared over the years. πŸ’œ

  5. gary j says:

    Dear Ashi, i hope you found her, walked into sunshine and blossom.

  6. γ”η„‘ζ²™ζ±°γ—γ¦γŠγ‚ŠγΎγ™γ€‚γŠε€‰γ‚γ‚Šγ‚γ‚ŠγΎγ›γ‚“γ‹οΌŸ

  7. gary j says:

    Dear Ashi, i photograph sparrows, i think of you every day.

  8. Lara/Trace says:

    I think of you and still read your haiku book!

  9. gary j says:

    Dear Ashi, over forty Sparrows this year. The Magpies leave their young in my little yard, i play guitar to them and our hearts are with you.

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