Dictatorship Coming Back

Vying unseasonably cold September rain,

Tens of thousands of people occupied the streets

In front of the nation’s parliamentary building.

They are shouting, “Protect the Pacifist Constitution!”.

Inside the building

Ruling and opposition lawmakers are scuffling

Over the bills named “security”, sponsored by the government.

The bills call for the overseas deployment of Japan’s defense forces.

Under our Pacifist Constitution

The use of forces for settlement of internal disputes is strictly banned.

It was drafted and promulgated after the end of the Pacific War in 1945.

Japan was then under the rule of the US-led occupation forces.

Doesn’t matter who drafted the Constitution.

It reflected the sentiment of the entire people at that time all the same.

Its war-renouncing article has kept the country from going into war.

The people enjoyed the peace improving their living conditions.

Our constitution is our Magna Carta.

It is for the people to govern the government.

But the Security Bills drafted by the government ignore its core stipulation.

That is why the oppositions and the most people call the bills “War Bills”

Government trying to take over the Constitution in its own hand.

It insists it has the right to change the interpretation of the Constitution.

This means the manipulation of the Constitution by the government, or dictatorship.

If this is not dictatorship, what is dictatorship?

While the people are shouting outside the parliament, dictatorship was in action.

The bills were rammed through the special committee of the upper house.

The ruling lawmakers scuffled in rugby style to avoid any further deliberation.

Chair’s voice was unheard by TV viewers and the bills were passed in confusion.

Then all tactics by the opposition to kill the bills were to no avail.

The ruling camp that has the majority in the upper house naturally won.

About 90 percent of the constitutional scholars doubt the bill’s constitutionality.

The Constitution is written so clearly that this needs little argument.

Then why the dictatorship?

Did the war-time dictators have a sweet dream of living like a king of the world?

Does that dream still run in the dynastic families of some lawmakers?

They argue the Constitution must be in accordance with the current world changes.

Japan has to be ready militarily against any possible attack from outside, they argue.

This sounds a beautiful argument, I agree.

But the world developments both current in history prove:

“Violence begets violence.”

I admit that it might be naïve to believe that

A country can spend all its energy for peace and prosperity,

Instead of resorting to wars to protect its interest

In today’s difficult world.

Japan is surrounded by a number of dictatorial countries.

But behind the dictators running those counties,

There are full of peace-loving people

By today’s technological development

It should not be all that difficult

For us to communicate directly with such people

For peace and prosperity of the entire world.

Again, I admit such a thought could be our sweet dream.

But most of us believe it isn’t a childish dream.

Under the Pacifist Constitution that dream will come true.

We are proud of our Pacifist Constitution to the world

That dream may now be on the verge of being shattered

(September 2015, AshiAkira)



30 Responses to Dictatorship Coming Back

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  4. It is in reading posts such as this that I recognise the real power of blogging. When people from miles away can communicate the hearts and minds of a nation, despite what we may/may not receive via other media sources, I know there is commonality in humankind and have renewed faith and hope that voices can make a difference. Thank you so much for being the voice of a people and allowing me to better understand what might otherwise be reported amiss.

  5. Gallivanta says:

    Such a difficult situation. A Pacifist Constitution is something very special, something to be treasured.

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    • AshiAkira says:

      Thank you. Means a lot to me. (I’m not much of a computer user. I wish I knew how to solve the problem. I don’t know how to edit the stuff either although it’s needed.)

  7. 日本の将来が不安です・・。

    • AshiAkira says:


  8. Sam Red says:

    An important and timely post in light of tomorrow’s (21 Sept) International Peace Day. I agree that “violence begets violence” and that “its for the people to govern the goverment”. I wish Japan the strength to remain a pacifist nation. I remember with fondness my 2 years spent in Osaka. Warm greetings from another pacifist nation Switzerland, Sam 🙂

    • AshiAkira says:

      Those who are running our country today are so skillful and cunning. I have the feeling that there is some strong force behind them to manipulate them. But I have a hope and trust on the people who gathered at many places across the country protesting the security bills. They, especially young ones, have a deep insight and I trust they have the power to navigate the country in the right way in the near future so that our dark history may not repeat itself. Knowing you gives me a great encouragement. Thank you for the comment. AshiAkira

      • I hope the dream is not shattered, yet as you say, ‘the young have deep insight’ and in time they will be leaders themselves :). I think the old paradigm is collapsing and those with ‘power to pull the strings’ are losing a long drawn out battle, as consciousness rises and barriers are broken down :),

      • AshiAkira says:

        I’m certain you are right. Most of us know about the horrible experience we went through during and after the Pacific war. All efforts are worthwhile if they are to prevent the history from repeating itself. Hope this though goes also to other parts of the world. Thank you for reading the story.

  9. gigoid says:

    Well said, Ashi-san…. Your words are echoed around the world….


  10. aquacompass7 says:


  11. Men make wars, harming themselves. What a fine text.

  12. This is so sad. Japan could have held the moral high ground. I think having an army is an invitation to aggression in itself. There is so much money in armaments, that greed will ensure that people’s wealth will end up in bombs not schools.

    • AshiAkira says:

      Yes, it was so sad. But the good news is that many people who gathered for the rallies held across the country, especially young ones, began shouting as soon as the ruling party forced through the bills “Let’s go to elections.” I took this as a sign that a real democracy is on its way to this country.

  13. Thank you for that – there is great wisdom in this nurturing of peace. It is interesting and sigificant that Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest still prevails taking precedence over his second more mature and thought through theory that the continnuation of our human evolution depends on nurturing rather than on domination. It is only when power is used to empower -to lift and teach and feed others – that human connsciousness will reach its full potential. The use of force is the road to the ultimate annihilation of our hope and ultimately of our human race.

    • AshiAkira says:

      It’s a pleasant surprise to “see” you here. Thank you for reading the story.
      Few people doubt that our Pacifist Constitution was written by the US to prevent Japan from becoming a military power again. It was a precious gift to us all at that time when we had gone through the devastation and hardships of the war. But the US soon became in need of Japan as a loyal military ally. Japan rearmed itself with military forces under the guise of “Self Defense” forces only to protect itself. The US became more in need of Japan as a military ally in today’s world condition mainly the military expansion of China. It’s clear the US pushed Japan into the passage by the parliament of the defense bills in disregard of the constitution it had given us.
      I dread the constitution is now manipulated in the hand of the government. I realize how difficult it is to settle international issues ultimately without the use of force. But my hope is that our human consciousness is definitely on the road of evolution – though slow and up and down – toward its full potential as you put it.
      Thank you again.

  14. Perpetua says:

    Hi: Been thinking of you especially remembering the bombing of Japan. Glad to finally find your site, again.

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