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Pink azaleas

Pink azaleas Dominating the roadside Red and white little seen

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Under lush street trees

Under lush street trees Speckled pattern of the shadow On her parasol

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If I were a plant

If I were a plant I’d be a dandelion Grow strong without help

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Already May wind

Already May wind Jacket off for a long walk Joy for no reason

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Lilacs in full bloom

Lilacs in full bloom Lost the scent in foreign land Lonely purplish pink

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Cold rain in April

Cold rain in April All have their shares of hard time Flowers no exception

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Dandelion fluffs

Dandelion fluffs Dad picks one up for his child Again and again

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In such bright yellow

In such bright yellow For whom dandelions bloom? Many everywhere

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Group by group they spread

Group by group they spread Dandelions on the lawn Leave them as they are

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Novices and monks

Novices and monks Chanting sutras together At the temple crows joined

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