The Hiroshima dwellers were going about their daily business that day.

How could they know thitherto unknown bomb was about to explode over their head

with the blinding flash of light and tremendous heat to destroy their city – and their lives?

Many of them died on the spot, others slowly with excruciating pains from radiation effect.

Those who died slowly didn’t even know what happened to them.

They only screamed and ran.

The explosion happened on August 6 of 71 years ago.

Another A-bomb was detonated again over Nagasaki 3 days later.

Those explosions brought an end to the World War.

Today, the leader of America, that dropped the bombs, visited Hiroshima.

What could be expected from the visit which was viewed as a major historic event?

“I didn’t want him just to see what resulted from the A-bomb attack through his eyes,”

Says a survivor of the explosion still alive today at over 80.

“I wanted him to feel what would happen to the humanity through all his senses and heart

“When atomic bombs are used.”

America was not solely responsible for the use of the nuclear bombs.

The nuclear weapons are the most destructive and decisive weapon on earth today.

It would be natural and ultimate consequence to use them as a decisive way to win a war.

Japan was also in the process of developing weapon of mass destruction.

It only so happened that America beat to it in successfully developing the bomb.

American involvement in the Pacific War followed Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

And similar attacks have been and are happening over the world today.

All these potentially lead to the ultimate use of nuclear weapons.

Most world leaders declare their efforts toward nuclear arms reduction and bans.

But the reality is that nuclear weapons are piling up in the world arsenals.

Today, they number tens of thousands – enough to destroy the world many time over.

We don’t want their empty words and gestures but true leadership.

Leaders we want are those who lead the world to peace and prosperity for all.

But the problem is wars provide lucrative business chances.

There are always people who never miss the chances to cash in on wars.

Such people are of small numbers belonging to the “1 percent” groups.

The rest of “99 percent” are powerless people who don’t want such a thing as war.

But they are so powerless they a liable to be enslaved by the “1 percent.”

And it is always the “99 percent” people who suffer from the consequences wars.

Wars can be wiped out from earth by the “99 percent” people,

When they unite themselves and become free from rules by the “1 percent.”


16 Responses to Hiroshima

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  2. mopana says:

    They are only “1 percent”, indeed. But, unfortunately, they lead this world. And they lead it to destruction. Because they are greedy. They didn’t understand how small they are. How small we are in this Universe. They didn’t understand that when they die they take nothing with them.

  3. vasilegogea says:

    The memory can be life saving.

  4. Thank you for that deep reflexion on wars, so inadmissible facts.

  5. Deep, powerful, and truthful reflections about war and peace, about who benefits and who pays, and about the need to unite and follow the path of peace.

    • AshiAkira says:

      Thank you for the comment. I hear of the kids in Syria hunting for weeds soft enough to eat. My heart is squeezed because that’s exactly the sort of thing I did to keep on living after the war. Kids know the importance of living the life given by Nature by intuition. Grown-ups must know it, too.

      • Thank you for sharing your memories of the reality for children caught in war zones in that past, and for those who still suffer to survive today as you did. I sincerely wish more grown-ups had the sense to end all wars…

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