By the temple pond

By the temple pond

There is a fish feed vending machine

When someone walks by

The colorful carp come up to the surface

And gather splashing

5 Responses to By the temple pond

  1. George Valah says:

    Smart fish! Blessed ffish feed.. 🙂

  2. S.C. Hickman says:

    Oh, how absurd of me: I envisioned these big koi, black and orange, suddenly dropping into my hands after I hit the fish button… and, me holding them and releasing them into the clear pool of water saying: “Why would they sale Koi in a machine?” – and, of course they don’t … it’s the fish brine for the koi, silly 🙂

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That was lovely! There is a Chinese restaurant near me with a huge indoor pond. As we walk around the edge I notice the huge goldfish follow us waiting for bits of food. 😀

  4. Pablo Cuzco says:

    Like children. They see their people nearby. It is time to eat.

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