Too early for the lotus

Too early for the lotus to bloom

But I see the flowers on the water

To hear the word is enough to see

In the sunshine still too soft

7 Responses to Too early for the lotus

  1. missmonsoon says:

    Mr Ashiaki how are you doing?? Read onthe papers japan got a big hit too from quake… Do reply.

    • AshiAkira says:

      Thank you for the inquiry. I’m doing just fine. The Kumamoto area where the quakes hit is about 1,000 kilometers away. I believe a major earthquake hits somewhere in Japan every 5-6 years. As far as our area is concerned, a big one hit about 100 years ago, and experts say experts say there is a 70 percent chance for another one in the next 30 years…

      • missmonsoon says:

        Good to hear you are doing fine. Don’t worry about what experts say..well for us ther say it could hit nepal withing 10 mins or withing next 10 years..a major one. Small ones hit often on and off. We are so used to it now tht i have almost started feeling lazy 🙂

      • AshiAkira says:

        Your land is very much like ours. Small quakes hit us often on and off, too. But occasional big ones are also reality. They have hit most of other parts of the country in past decades, and it may be our area to be hit. Well, I take your advice and I don’t worry what experts tell us. 🙂

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