(Inspired by the pics on cindyknoke’s blog)


I came to know of hummingbirds

Only from a picture book

At the kindergarten I attended

I was determined to see them with my own eye and catch them


With a net for catching butterflies on my shoulder

I embarked on an excursion for search of the birds

I found azaleas in full bloom on bushes on the roadside

The picture book said the birds liked nectar of flowers


I waited and waited

I knew the birds would get hungry sometime

And must fly over to suck the nectar from the azaleas

I dreamed of bringing home some of the birds for keep


The birds never came

I was five then and our country was at war

Suddenly I noticed it was dark around me

Under a curfew there wasn’t a street lamp lit


I cried and cried

A policeman found me and took me

To a police station where my mother was waiting

The policeman laughed and so did my mother in tears


I am still looking for the hummingbirds



32 Responses to Hummingbirds

  1. cindy knoke says:

    How lovely!!
    Don’t ever stop looking!!
    Cheers to you my talented friend~

  2. generaliregi says:

    iron sharpen iron,you should write a poem for Cindy Knoke, for the inspiration her works gave you. i like the piece

  3. George Valah says:

    One afternoon, sitting on my chair under a bush of my backyard, twoo hummingbirds came close to my face. First the male, looked at me from every single angle, ten inches away from my nose! Then, he left… The female, did the same for a shorter time and left me even faster…
    On that warmy day, among all lifeforms around, I was one with no flowers and nectar to give …

  4. George Valah says:

    Good question! All I know is they were staring at me with curiosity and no fear, definitely no stupid looking birds! 🙂

  5. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I wanted to read this because I saw a video of a person hand-feeding the a hummingbird. 🙂

  6. Doug Thomas says:

    They are magical to watch, and I hope you get to see one live some day if you haven’t seen one yet. They are beautiful little creatures, even if their vocalizations lack charm..

  7. Beautiful!! So happy I came across your blog! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  8. Wonderful picture lyric! Eloquent the verse: “I am still looking of the bird hummingbirds.”

  9. this is so gorgeous, i can feel their songs in my bones

  10. Profound. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Wow, we should always look for humming birds, unicorns, faeries and magic. Lovely. @jeancogdell at Jean’s Writing

  12. Rose Red says:

    I love this story. It reminds me of a little hummingbird story about my Mother. I might write it out and link to this page since you inspired me

  13. Pingback: Mom and the hummingbird | In My Parlor

  14. getting old brings back to childhood and it cheers me up

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