Monthly Archives: October 2013

Extending my walk

Extending my walk I saw roses in full bloom No one else around

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When leaves start falling

When leaves start falling Chrysanthemums take over To keep the path flowered

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Slight rustle of bamboos

Slight rustle of bamboos Sound heard in the autumn cool Crickets disappeared

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A brown butterfly

A brown butterfly Falling leaves all on the ground Lonely fluttering

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The moon on the pond

The moon on the pond Nothing without the other And my eye to see

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Hear a bird chirping

Hear a bird chirping Too curious not to look Slight move of a twig

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Raining all day long

Raining all day long Crows that have nowhere to go Swinging on the twigs

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I cannot locate

I cannot locate Where the sweet potato baked The smell is coming

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A bright moon and clouds

A bright moon and clouds Over the lit shopping street No stars can be seen

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Sidewalk turned yellow

Sidewalk turned yellow Covered by fallen ginkgo leaves For a quiet walk

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