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Sweeping the fallen leaves

Sweeping the fallen leaves Mind focused on the bell sound So seem the temple monks

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Secondhand book-stores

Secondhand book-stores Many years since last visit The same smell wafting

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Hitherto unheard

Hitherto unheard Loud chirping in the park woods Here for wintering

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Sharp sunlight cold air

Sharp sunlight cold air Falling leaves winter’s beauty People throng to see

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Three ducks in the moat

Three ducks in the moat Others must be coming soon Best wintering spot

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Sparrows flew away

Sparrows flew away Sorry I opened the window Cold morning outside

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Moist fallen leaves quiet

Moist fallen leaves quiet Piling up on the park path Winter clouds hanging

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Cold rain for two days

Cold rain for two days Single caw of a crow echoes Hold teacup tighter

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Park lawn all dried up

Park lawn all dried up Kids and puppies still running In the winter dust

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Pebbles on the shrine path

Pebbles on the shrine path Blanketed by falling leaves Ready for winter

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