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After Halloween

After Halloween Wintry winds will take over To howl ‘round the town

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Reddened sky in the west

Reddened sky in the west Looks like another world there Where my old friends went

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Thinking of passed times

Thinking of passed times Wishing my old friends’d come back To trick or treat me

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Drop in temperature

Drop in temperature Through my spine on Halloween Rustle of the tree leaves

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Aroma of tea

Aroma of tea Long forgotten in summer heat Now wafts in the room

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Rhythm of bicycle bell

Rhythm of bicycle bell Accompanying the rider Sing improvised songs

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Crows are blown sideways

Crows are blown sideways Wintry winds claim dominance People walking faster

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Met with childhood friends

Met with childhood friends Faces unrecognizable But remembered smiles

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Waterfowls in the moat

Waterfowls in the moat Floating and bobbing with leaves In peaceful friendship

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What’s more refreshing

What’s more refreshing Than walking in autumn breeze  Nodding of tall grass

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