Monthly Archives: October 2015

They were red last year

They were red last year Pink camellias on the fence Maybe climate change?

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Winter winds arrived

Winter winds arrived Shopping streets getting colorful With fashion changes

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Halloween parades

Halloween parades Crowds of happy-looking ghosts Wintry winds set it

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Crisp air and fragrance

Crisp air and fragrance Whatever the flowers blooming The world be in peace

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Not a dot of cloud

Not a dot of cloud What I like about autumn Many typhoons gone

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Soft but dazzling light

Soft but dazzling light The autumn afternoon sun Like lady’s side glance

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Fallen leaves free from trees

Fallen leaves free from trees Rolling joyfully on the road Where the wind takes them

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Floating and waiting

Floating and waiting Fallen leaves in the downtown moat For the ducks to come

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Blown by autumn breeze

Blown by autumn breeze Browsing second-hand book street sale Leaves between pages

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Fallen leaves on the road

Fallen leaves on the road Wait still till cars come and blow For a little dancing

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