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Faint chirping of birds

Faint chirping of birds Not of sparrows this morning Must be out of cage

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Warm November day

Warm November day Shame and waste to take a bus Leaves waiting to fall

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On a subway train

On a subway train A girl offered me her seat Her smile in the crowd (More at:  

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Sad looking street trees

Sad looking street trees Changing colors some wilting Full of auto fumes

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Fat ducks in the moat

Fat ducks in the moat Hunting-free so they are safe Till the long flight home

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Branches low in reach

Branches low in reach So attractively ripening Roadside persimmons

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Autumn harvest season

Autumn harvest season Crows also ready to work Red sweet persimmons

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Walking up a hill

Walking up a hill Persimmon trees down below Safe place for sweet fruits

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Red sweet persimmons

Red sweet persimmons Ripe by the downtown roadside Birds come from nowhere

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A fly in the house

A fly in the house Used to be many of them Flies like an old friend

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