Cherry buds swelling

Cherry buds swelling

I think of the devastation

From the earthquake and Tsunami

Only silence fills my heart

8 Responses to Cherry buds swelling

  1. carmenw503 says:

    love the sharp contrast- imagery

  2. Beautiful. Is there a reason you say swelling? How do you like it with swell?

    • AshiAkira says:

      Whatever happens, there is always something in nature that encourages and supports us to move on. Even such a simple thing as the swelling of the flower buds makes our heart swell also.

  3. S.C. Hickman says:

    Yes, my better half and I feel for you in this…

  4. Samiksha says:

    A part of me knows that these natural disasters are a punishment for the harm we do to the environment, but another part of me still mourns at the devastation. I cannot help but praise your soulful piece!

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