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Spring wind caressing

Spring wind caressing Nothing but blue in the sky Covered by pink petals

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Larks calling for love

Larks calling for love High up there nothing to do With the worldly things

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Swans in palace moat

Swans in palace moat Spring but can’t fly back home north Ornament to be

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What’s good about spring

What’s good about spring Sidewalk lined by daphne flowers Corridor of love

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Butterfly meets flower

Butterfly meets flower In spring zephyr they push on Life everlasting

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So warm jacket off

So warm jacket off Sidewalk the scent of daphnes Marks the turn of season

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Yellow clover flowers

Yellow clover flowers Long waited for the moment Joyful in spring breeze

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A lone waterfowl

A lone waterfowl In the moat all others gone Keeping on bobbing

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Stroll in the quiet

Stroll in the quiet Traffic noise but calm inside Birds and woods great help

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Carp in the temple pond

Carp in the temple pond Woken up by the sound of bell Swimming for a stretch

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