Monthly Archives: May 2013

Spider and ground wasp

Spider and ground wasp In a battle on the park lawn Kill to live goes on

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A crow attacked me

A crow attacked me From behind it hit my head It’s nesting nearby

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Dandelion seeds

Dandelion seeds Fluffy balls scattered in winds After birds flew out

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Sweetness on the tongue

Sweetness on the tongue Nectar of azalea Childhood memory

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Summer but still cool

Summer but still cool Through the park woods after rain A land frog dozing

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White summer flowers

White summer flowers So small and gregarious Make insects busy

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Dragonflies came out

Dragonflies came out Floating over the park lawn Kids have been waiting

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The scent of flowers

The scent of flowers Flows like music without sound It steals my heart

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Burning red flowers

Burning-red flowers Whatever the name clustered In a sidewalk pot

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The woods for sparrows

The woods for sparrows As big as the universe Enough for freedom

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