An old man…

An old man stands on the beach

A cane in his hand squints into the sky

A seagull flies by

Like a fighter he once piloted

Tears well up in his eyes

11 Responses to An old man…

  1. carmenw503 says:

    Would you share what inspired this poem?

  2. missmonsoon says:

    Like a fighter he once piloted..tears wells up his eyes..

  3. steele646 says:

    Dear Sir, after fasting and saving, looking after a friends birds for two weeks, I am happy to say I will be using my friends card to obtain now seven copies of your first book of Haiku. Within the next 72 hours, I am filled with joy, that now I will be able to give six copies to families and a library, when the books physically arrive will be best of days for me. Please forgive that I am a poor man. money is least for me, please understand I always fast… for I am poor and it is cool to say fasting philosophically than say hungry, but as always, works of art of the quality of yours are even better than food for stomach, your art is food for soul. I am thankfull for you to exist and colour my world.

    • AshiAkira says:

      I am probably poorer than you are. Figuratively speaking I also need fasting to scrape up enough money to publish my book. I publish my book because I have something I want to say to the world. It’s expensive to say what you want to say to the world. But now, you may not know how I am pleased not only because you are buying my book but you say my art is food for soul. That’s exactly how I want my poems to go around to be read. Thank you and thank you for what you are doing for me. I will continue to do my best in the future not to disappoint you but to be worthy of such kind comment and dedication from you.

  4. steele646 says:

    you of previous birth, make me smile. I love you for that simple pleasure.

  5. These are powerful words, making me wonder and want to know more. Great work! 🙂 thank you for sharing.

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