Feel both warm and cold

Feel both warm and cold

Rainy season but not much rain

Thick blanket bedside


About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of "Haiku Poems" and "Haiku Poems II" (www.lulu.com/shop/ashi-akira/haiku-poems/paperback/product-23152158.html). Old resident of Tokyo.
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19 Responses to Feel both warm and cold

  1. steele646 says:

    Thankyou Dear Sir. Love to you and yours.

  2. steele646 says:

    Dear Sir, you just “liked” my piece of “to you all of previous birth” please do not feel that I mean disrespect to you, I am writing to all people (who are sensai but don’t know it). For you, I have only respect and love, but i am also very silly, impetuous, impervious, do not act my age, use bad language, can not write but continue to clutter the internet with my foolish endeavour to inculcate through word, sort of what you do. You are the only person I have called (you of previous birth) you are also the only person I bear my heart and soul to. I am really sorry about that. but, I am also of previous birth…

    • AshiAkira says:

      Pease do not worry or feel sorry. You just pour out your words as you want. I understand or at least try to understand. You can never hurt me in anyway. Understanding is such a wonderful thing. That’s what I’m trying to achieve in any relationship. You write your poems marvelously.

      • steele646 says:

        That is so kind of you. True I must do what I do, in my heart of hearts, I would feel accomplished if I had the skill of vision and heart of you. But I do not want that, I would rather love you for your generous contribution to this world, and continue to be myself… no matter how foolish, contradictory or confused I may seem, a metaphor in life. I am once a warrior, now I am of love, my dealings with youth through art have given me strength to be impertinent, to question, to ask of myself, and to challenge youth. I truly am so thankful to have in this electronic world to have the meeting of a soul such as you. I am emboldened, silly, thankful, and forever in your debt Dear Sir…

      • AshiAkira says:

        I wonder if I really deserve what you so kindly think of me. You are a great soul. I am than one who thinks to be so lucky to have met such a great soul in this world of internet. I have to thank for the technical development. You and I can help each other to grow.

      • steele646 says:

        I defer to you Sir. It is simple, after many years of study and reading, your works have touched and enriched my life, you may not be famous but in my heart you are strong. You one day will be famous, but by then we will be crows fighting over old bread crust, and the flowers will need to inspire the next generation. This is my love of time, a moment, the capacity to appreciate. Please forgive if I seem too efluvient, but I shit you not dear sir, I paint with brush, you paint with love of moment, never have I felt closer to a person of mindfulness, you transcend those who experience your work, even though you consider these (jot down moments). This I feel is true.

      • AshiAkira says:

        You ability to see the future is remarkable. I cannot see it. We just walk on our own paths which may cross at some points. Let it be so that we congratulate each other at the points.
        By the way I just got a call from the American publisher to make arrangement for my next book which I expect to be out in October or November. That may provide us with the next point.

      • steele646 says:

        Yes, I do get ahead of time. Yes we walk our paths. Yes they have crossed in the past as they will in the future. I was born in October, year of snake, month of rose. Point taken.

  3. dornahainds says:

    Groovy scene. 😎😎🌹🌹🌹

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