Crowd on subway train

Crowd on subway train

I might get a toy smartphone

That I might join them

About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of "Haiku Poems" and "Haiku Poems II" ( Old resident of Tokyo.
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16 Responses to Crowd on subway train

  1. No please don’t, you will lose your wonderful sight

  2. dornahainds says:

    Such a Smart idea. 😉

  3. Lara/Trace says:

    Is it bad for me to say these phones are life suckers, not savers?

  4. gigoid says:

    Brilliant! You can SEEM to be one of the zombies, but, will still be aware of all the beauty around you they are missing…

    To answer your curiosity, they are distracting themselves from the hard work of thinking for themselves… all of them. They have surrendered their minds to the machine….


  5. mopana says:

    Hahaha! So… everywhere is the same :))
    Have a great weekend, Ashi!
    xo ❤

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