Fallen leaves piling up

Fallen leaves piling up

The park path familiar

Those days are still here


About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of Haiku Poems and Haiku Poems II(www.lulu.com/shop/ashi-akira/haiku-poems/paperback/product-23152158.html). Old resident of Tokyo.
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11 Responses to Fallen leaves piling up

  1. dornahainds says:

    Charming as ever. 😉

  2. Christy B says:

    Wonderful! We had a wind storm last night and there are lots of leaves on the ground… Your poem is very fitting for the day!

  3. Hi AshiAkira, I’m so glad you found my blog (eczematic.com) because it led me to your absolutely beautiful poems. Awesome and mesmerizing. Thank you!

  4. lorriebowden says:

    There’s something about this one…speaks to the familiar and I really like it! Hope you are well.

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