Monthly Archives: November 2015

On the wet sidewalk

On the wet sidewalk Falling leaves scattering Like decorating

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The park lawn still wet

The park lawn still wet The rain stopped in the morning The sunset came back

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Manmade stream watered

Manmade stream watered Through the park falling leaves flow By the solar panels

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Pure white camellias

Pure white camellias Conspicuous on the bush The snow will come soon

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Time for ducks to come

Time for ducks to come For wintering in the moat Getting cold slowly

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Leaves looking like petals

Leaves looking like petals Dancing in the winter winds Snow will join them soon

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Carp in the park pond

Carp in the park pond Nothing to do while waiting For the feed pellets

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An old cat ogling

An old cat ogling Girls walking on the sidewalk He yawned and dozed off

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Crows’ sudden commotion

Crows’ sudden commotion Who knows what so disturbed them The park woods stay calm

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Winter afternoon

Winter afternoon Falling leaves whirl around me Like inviting me

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