Monthly Archives: October 2015

Take a quiet walk

Take a quiet walk Only place I find in town Wooded park walk path

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I hear a chirping

I hear a chirping A stray migratory bird What else can it be

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Looking up to see

Looking up to see A crow on the building top Looking down at me

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Reports from elsewhere

Reports from elsewhere Mountain of coloring trees Just blue sky in town

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Swarm of dragon flies

Swarm of dragon flies Now a childhood memory The same autumn sky

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Beautiful but not free

Beautiful but not free Flowers attached to the soil Fragrance is their life

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Crows and persimmons

Crows and persimmons They look so well together Autumn afternoon

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Three leaves on a tree

Three leaves on a tree Left after branches were trimmed Neat downtown sidewalk

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Shame to stop walking

Shame to stop walking Such is the autumn weather Leaves sway before fall

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So many sparrows

So many sparrows  Where are their ending places I have never seen

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