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Small green tomatoes

Small green tomatoes Potted on the window ledge Shyly peeking out

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Rain brought some coolness

Rain brought some coolness Cruel heat is pushed away At least for a while

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Hot days for so long

Hot days for so long Tired sound of cicadas The park woods stay still

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Heavy rains welcome

Heavy rains welcome Take some of the heat away Oleanders ask

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August the fifteenth

August the fifteenth War-end anniversary Oleanders bloom (more at:

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This summer’s cruel heat

This summer’s cruel heat An e-mail from a friend says His carp could not bear

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A sign of autumn

A sign of autumn Definitely in the air At high temperatures

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Looking back the war

Looking back the war Through the world disturbances The temple pond stays calm

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Green motionless moat

Green motionless moat In the extreme summer heat Not a sign of carp

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Heat quietly stays

Heat quietly stays Tree leaves wave at the sun A long summer show

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