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What’s the shout about?

What’s the shout about? Sparrows outside the window Talking politics?

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Soon to be howling

Soon to be howling Cicadas in the park woods Leaves growing in rain

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Security bill

Security bill Ignores Peace Constitution Crows watch street demos

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Yellowing began

Yellowing began Gardenias in July rain Some with scent intact

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A big butterfly

A big butterfly So big it looks like a bird To a flower in rain

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Time for lotuses

Time for lotuses On tall stalks wet in the rain Gentle fall for the season

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July but cold rain

July but cold rain Small ripples scatter in the pond Lotuses shiver

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(So nice to be back on my blog)

(So nice to be back on my blog My computer was down and so I was Got a new computer Windows 8.1 Which is frighteningly different from my old Vista They say you can’t teach an old dog a new … Continue reading

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(I have computer problems. It takes 30 minutes to post just one haiku poem. Thus hiatus. I will be back as soon as I get a new computer, probably next week. I’m not smart enough to use a smartphone for … Continue reading

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Sound of rain soothing

Sound of rain soothing Although I miss a full moon A blue moon this month

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