Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cawing or laughing

Cawing or laughing A crow from the building top At the traffic jam

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Church bell is ringing

Church bell is ringing A car dragging cans sped out Think of my day one

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Climbing to the eaves

Climbing to the eaves Morning glories window shade While the flowers wilted

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Beauty without scent

Beauty without scent Multicolor hydrangeas So bright in the rain

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Over-the-fence talks

Over-the-fence talks Morning glories joining in Nodding in slight wind

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Yellow-tailed demons

Yellow-tailed demons Kids’ name for the dragonflies Flying quietly

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Tall but must be weeds

Tall but must be weeds Bines entwined with each other To grow straight upwards

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Proud hydrangeas

Proud hydrangeas In the shadow of tall trees Shining in the rain

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Along the sidewalk

Along the sidewalk Cool shadow under street trees Summer is waiting

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From where the frogs come

From where the frogs come Stream dug through the downtown park Kids jumping with them

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