Almost unnoticed

Almost unnoticed

Gardenias behind the fence

Scent is existence


About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of Haiku Poems and Haiku Poems II( Old resident of Tokyo.
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16 Responses to Almost unnoticed

  1. Ron says:

    Ahhh! Just as the scent of the gardenias is almost unnoticed, so are the gentle rhymes of fence, scent, and existence. Yours is a lovely, soft feeling for rhyme.


  2. DELL CLOVER says:

    Brilliant last line, so true.

  3. just the name – Gardenias- invokes summer. All so lovely. I missed your wonderful poetry!

    • AshiAkira says:

      Good to see you again! I’ve missed you for a long time.

      • I have missed you too. I recently flew across the country to help my daughter get home. What an adventure! Too much! You may have heard of the flooding in Texas? We were there in the midst of that storm. Couldn’t wait to get home. And now I’m back, enjoying your wonderful poetry. Yay!

      • AshiAkira says:

        Wow! It must have been quite an adventure. Yes, I’ve heard of the flooding in Texas in the news, but I couldn’t believe it rained there. I always thought of Texas as a vast almost semi-arid land where huge balls of the resurrection plant blown around by the wind at a tremendous speed. It must have been a long tough flight for you, but I’m glad to hear you got back home alright. I take your daughter was also OK.

      • The flooding is epic and tornadoes too! I’m so glad we made it out before the airports closed. Now I am sitting on my deck, enjoying the sunshine and early morning birds, content in the knowledge that my child is home safe.

  4. isn’t scent is a proof of existence, like many other things could be 🙂

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