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My eyes get busy

My eyes get busy Unpredictable butterflies Oilseeds calmly wait

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Big white butterfly

Big white butterfly Flirted the windshield awhile Until blown away

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I’ve heard a sage say

I’ve heard a sage say All living things are enlightened Am I not living?

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Pond at the town park

Pond at the town park Where soldiers massed before battles Now carp calmly swim

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Sumida river

Sumida river Slow flows but lots of water Moved since Basho’s days

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Misty rain in May

Misty rain in May Noiseless on hydrangeas Drops roll on the leaves

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Yellow dragonflies

Yellow dragonflies Flying again for summer I don’t chase just watch

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Noisy but peaceful smile

Noisy but peaceful smile Crows dominate the park woods People strolling calmly

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Park lawn people make circles

Park lawn people make circles Early summer afternoon Pigeons stroll waiting

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Swallows back swooping

Swallows back swooping On the road through running cars We must coexist

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