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No more cherry flowers

No more cherry flowers Gone but linger on the mind Like my growing days

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First no rain in days

First no rain in days Morning sun through the window Sparrows sound louder

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Met with high school friends

Met with high school friends  Walked back home without train ride  The past lingered through

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Birds on the branches

Birds on the branches Prodding the trees to grow leaves That they may live on

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Flower scent in the air

Flower scent in the air Along the sidewalk in dark Can’t tell the colors

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Three miles of walking

Three miles of walking For no reason except it’s spring Grass and leaves Growing

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Wonder how they grew

Wonder how they grew Large lemons on the roadside In a narrow crack

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Time came for main role

Time came for main role Tiny red azaleas Lining the sidewalk

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Pink to green trees turn

Pink to green trees turn Different scent in the air Passed the bench, walked on

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Slight cold winter’s tail

Slight cold winter’s tail Sunlight spread through the tree leaves Shadows dance at foot

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