Monthly Archives: February 2015

A white cloud alone

A white cloud alone Floating still in the blue sky Looks lost from others

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Sleeting continues

Sleeting continues Pedestrians are silent Spring a month away

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Because cold outside

Because cold outside People get together inside Chatting to keep warm

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Teacup without handle

Teacup without handle Just right to hold in cupped hands For warmth and fragrance

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Weekend afternoon

Weekend afternoon Lines of cars no human voice Cherry buds still hard

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Snowflakes so many

Snowflakes so many Yet each seems destined to play Its allotted role

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Snow looks like flowers

Snow looks like flowers On the bare twigs of the trees Scatter like petals, too

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Grapefruits grew and ripened

Grapefruits grew and ripened From a spat out forgotten seed Closed eyes to sweet taste

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Red camellias

Red camellias Scattered wide on the bushes Blooming shivering  

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Round and round in circles

Round and round in circles Ducks warming up in the moat For the long flight home

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