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Wait for bush warblers

Wait for bush warblers Without them spring is nothing Plum blossoms half open

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Walking home at night

Walking home at night Air still cold and unfriendly At least snow is gone

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Furious warning

Furious warning That’s how sounds sparrows’ trilling Dark cloudy morning

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Even birds shiver

Even birds shiver On the branches with the twigs A little more patient  

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Statue of Buddha

Statue of Buddha Snow on the head and shoulders For him hat and mantle

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Raining or sleeting

Raining or sleeting No difference to wipers Busy while car runs

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Birds fly street trees grow

Birds fly street trees grow All go on living their lives Car behind me honked

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They bloom when time comes

They bloom when time comes Flowers never ask but grow Into such beauty

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Winter’s cold persists

Winter’s cold persists Buds don’t care bulging on twigs Seasons go on changing

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The scent in the air

The scent in the air The mountain path to the temple Bell heard in the mist

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