Furious warning

Furious warning

That’s how sounds sparrows’ trilling

Dark cloudy morning


About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of Haiku Poems and Haiku Poems II(www.lulu.com/shop/ashi-akira/haiku-poems/paperback/product-23152158.html). Old resident of Tokyo.
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4 Responses to Furious warning

  1. Heartafire says:

    the furious trill of the sparrow…are they telling us something? Love this AshiAkira.

    • AshiAkira says:

      They trill and they may be just going about their own business. But when I hear them I have the feeling they are telling me something. Maybe weather forecast for today. 🙂

      • Heartafire says:

        I love birds, an American Robin has nested on a ledge of my patio, it has been coming there every evening at dusk for the past five or six months. It is a mystery to me why he/she has settled there, but I adore it.

      • AshiAkira says:

        I’m sure you adore it, and I envy you having such an adorable visitor.

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