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No crows no sparrows

No crows no sparrows The downtown park not a soul Resting in sleeting

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Under the fallen leaves

Under the fallen leaves Camellias on the bushes Guarded against sleet

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Party with old friends

Party with old friends Sweet memories back again Laughter-lines added

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Ducks floating dozing

Ducks floating dozing Like saving up energy For a long flight home

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Stopped at me and said

Stopped at me and said Bicycling park attendant “Plums blooming right there”

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Flowers blooming in cold

Flowers blooming in cold They can’t wait for the spring warmth Endure anything

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Ripples shine in the moat

Ripples shine in the moat Each by a wintering duck Cannot wait to fly home

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Flickering stove flame

Flickering stove flame Turned off the light to enjoy Long calm winter night

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Teacup warm in hands

Teacup warm in hands Winter wind raging outside Paves the way for spring

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Cold January

Cold January Gregarious narcissi Year starts with fragrance

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