Monthly Archives: November 2014

White camellias

White camellias Peeking out through the fallen leaves Piling on the bush

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The jasmine blossoms

The jasmine blossoms Bloomed so fleetingly and dropped Fragrance left in tea

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Red ripe persimmons

Red ripe persimmons Only a few on the tree A crow is watching

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Autumn afternoon

Autumn afternoon Drove around the block again Street trees shedding leaves

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Rustle of fallen leaves

Rustle of fallen leaves On the park path on and off Answering my steps

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Sparrows keep chirping

Sparrows keep chirping In the heavy morning mist They must navigate

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A fine autumn day

A fine autumn day “Bad!” said the taxi driver “No one wants a ride”

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Park lawn preschool kids

Park lawn preschool kids As many as falling leaves Racing in the wind

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The street trees leafless

The street trees leafless The sidewalk painted yellow Hunt for ginkgo nuts

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Winds began to howl

Winds began to howl Falling leaves are blown away To their destination

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