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Shopping street sundown

Shopping street sundown People walking fast for no reason/ Crows also flew off

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Fragrant olive trees

Fragrant olive trees Blossoms waft scent for a mile But they bear no seeds

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Many kinds of birds

Many kinds of birds All chirping differently In the small park woods

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Fallen leaves piling up

Fallen leaves piling up The park woods shaking off more Crickets’ faint chirping

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What’s left of the warmth

What’s left of the warmth Yellow flowers in sidewalk pots Bloom while autumn lasts

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See through the window

See through the window Sparrows splashing in a puddle Falling leaves joining

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Hear the call of love

Hear the call of love Morning dove in the distance Hope one in the range

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Sunset in the horizon

Sunset in the horizon Road goes there and disappears My car keeps speeding

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After double typhoon

After double typhoon The sky’s clearer than ever Rage to smile of wind

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They don’t know typhoon

They don’t know typhoon Birds chirping innocently Nature doesn’t judge

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