What’s left of the warmth

What’s left of the warmth

Yellow flowers in sidewalk pots

Bloom while autumn lasts

About AshiAkira

AshiAkira. Author of "Haiku Poems" and "Haiku Poems II" (www.lulu.com/shop/ashi-akira/haiku-poems/paperback/product-23152158.html). Old resident of Tokyo.
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15 Responses to What’s left of the warmth

  1. Ann Koplow says:

    Thank you for the warmth of your haikus.

  2. This reminds me of Vermont right now. The color’s mostly gone. We had a warm spell that’s over, too.

    • AshiAkira says:

      Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas… The season for warmth inside the house is beginning there. I get a reverse homesick.

      • You do? I like the holidays okay – maybe not as much since my mother passed away last year. My children and I would prefer a sunny, warm beach… anywhere but a place with cold and snow.

      • AshiAkira says:

        Yes, I definitely do. I remember the snow outside was so beautiful from inside the house having conversation with friends and laughter by a fireplace.

        I am so sorry to hear of your mother.

      • Snow can be so lovely, but we’ve had too many winters with too much of it! Piles and piles of snow that has to be shoveled… listen to me, all whining. Silly!
        Thanks – mom was a great lady. I will miss her always.

      • AshiAkira says:

        I understand your situation very well, but one’s memory is always beautified.

        I’ve been curious and wanted to ask you a question. Are you related in any way to a girl named Susan Bahr. She followed my blog and I hears for some time, but I lost the contact with her about one and half years ago. She clicked “like” on one of my haiku poems just recently but disappeared again. She is also from Vermont and you look very much like the photo on her avatar, and your names are very much alike. I’m sorry if I troubled you and please forget if it is too much of a bother. But I was so curious.

      • like I said – yes! That’s me!
        I’m so glad and flattered that you remembered.
        You’re poems are so lovely. They called me back.

      • AshiAkira says:

        I checked and found out that Susan Bahr last sent me a comment on my post just about a year ago on Nov. 7. I also recall she also lost her mother in the summer of last year.

      • Yes, that’s me! I’ve started blogging again. I should’ve said hello, but I wasn’t sure how.
        Nice detective work!

      • AshiAkira says:

        Thank you for the reply. I’m really glad to have received it. I was 99.99 percent sure you were Susan Bahr from the beginning. But I thought you would tell me if you were, and there must be some reason for your not doing so. That’s why I refrained from asking you about it. At any rate you never know how happy I am that you came back. Please keep in touch from now on.

      • I wasn’t sure you’d remember me, it had been so long! And I didn’t know how to break the ice- hi it’s me! Remember me? I used to follow your blog?
        I’m touched and grateful you do.
        And I promise to keep in touch!

      • AshiAkira says:

        How can I forget? I was always grateful for your kind readership.

        My good friend came back
        Clouds cleared for the autumn sky
        My heart soars again

      • Oh, you did not! My very own haiku!!!
        Thank you. thank you, thank you, my friend!

      • AshiAkira says:

        You are more than welcome.

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