Monthly Archives: September 2014

Trees under clear sky

Trees under clear sky A lone straggler cicada Crying to leave its mark

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Sunlight reflected

Sunlight reflected On the pond and hit my eye Carp dived in golden ripples

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Autumn sun so soft

Autumn sun so soft Brings coolness through the window Woke up to the birds

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Park pond where I played

Park pond where I played Half a century ago Carp remember me

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A lone falling leaf

A lone falling leaf Whirled down like saying something Air is getting cool

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Sunset behind woods

Sunset behind woods The sky reddened spotted with birds Making me stand still

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So many crickets

So many crickets They all chirp differently Yet in harmony

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Autumn is soundless

Autumn is soundless As it deepens the moon brighter Sink in thoughtless thought

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Drooping on the fence

Drooping on the fence Morning glories bearing seeds For next year’s glory

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Long autumn evening

Long autumn evening Crickets’ trills in a distance Tranquility deepens

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